Chloe Kim Beijing

Chloe Kim is Solid Gold

Time Predicted It and Chloe Kim Delivered: KA Snowboarder Wins Gold Medal #2 in Beijing When Chloe Kim appeared on the cover of Time magazine on January 31, 2022, she had a tremendous amount of pressure on her going into the Beijing Olympics as the defending champion of the Snowboard Halfpipe competition. But she prevailed…

best korean ramen

Ultimate Guide to Korean Ramen + the 12 Best

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Korean ramen consumption jumped sharply worldwide. Korean ramen became an emergency stay-at-home food during the crisis. And with K-drama’s ever-increasing popularity, which frequently showcases the most delicious Korean ramen, several of these noodle-based snacks have become best-sellers.


All About Korean Hanbok and Where to Buy

Korean Hanbok is the traditional attire that has been worn by Korean people for centuries. Literally translated as Korean clothing, hanboks are worn on special occasions like Korean New Year’s Day (설날, Seollal), Korean Thanksgiving Day (추석, Chuseok), Korean 100th Day Celebration (백일, Baek Il), First Birthday Celebration (돌잔치, Doljanchi), and weddings. Hanbok has been…

kpop concert tickets

The Epic Return of Live K-Pop Concerts 2022!

Finally!  After a series of canceled world tours throughout the pandemic, many of our favorite K-Pop groups such as ATEEZ, NCT 127 and TWICE have announced new world tour dates.  I could not imagine anyone being more thrilled and excited about this than yours truly, but I was wrong. It seemed everyone (and their mother)…