The Best Korean Workouts to Whip You Into Shape

You know K-Pop and K-Beauty, but do you know about K-Fitness? The good looking guys and gals at All Blanc TV are well on their way to making it a thing with their highly addictive Youtube workouts.

Everyone has 4 minutes and All Blanc’s short intense workouts called tabatas are designed to be fun, fast, and accessible to anyone who wants to get fit. Start with one and work up to doing any combo of their dozens of videos to get either the targeted or the full body workout you’ve been craving.

Start with an all body workout to get your heart pumping.

4 min all body workout.

Next get started on that six pack!

4 min abs tabata.

Don’t forget the butt and hips.

Your butt will thank you after this workout.

If you’re craving more, finish it up with an energy booster.

Stick to a regular Tabata workout and these exercises will boost your metabolism and get you fit in no time.

Ready for something a bit more challenging? Check out the next level tabatas we are doing now!

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