Try the Dalgona Coffee Challenge!

Easy to make and almost too pretty to drink, this yummy coffee drink from Korea might be the perfect feel good caffeine fix for those long lonely days of being quarantined at home. With just 3 ingredients and a whisk, you can be sipping a beautiful hot or cold Dalgona Coffee in minutes.

Hot Version

Up to the challenge of making one yourself? Here’s a great how-to for a hot Dalgona Coffee:

Don’t whip too much or you’ll end up with stiff peaks like ice cream which won’t blend in well with the milk. Ironically up to 90% of the Korean population is lactose sensitive! Thank goodness there’s soy, almond, or coconut milk to use as a substitute.

Cold Version

Here’s an iced version by Dami Lee made with a hand mixer to save time and effort.

Dalgona for 8! (Or save some for later)

TikToker Jasmine Cho demonstrates how to make a jumbo batch so you can serve a large group or store some in the fridge to drink all day.

Origins of Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona is a Korean street food best described as a toffee on a stick. ‘Dal’ means sweet, and dalgona literally translates to it is sweet. On Jan 3, 2020, a Korean actor name Jung Il Woo went on a Korean TV show call Fun-Staurant and talked about a delicious coffee he had in Macao. He said the drink reminded him of the street candy dalgona he used to eat everyday as an elementary school kid.

A few weeks later the original 20 second video of ‘Dalgona Coffee’ appeared on TikTok and the rest is history. Sorry no subtitles on this clip but you’ll get the gist as Jung sits down at a cafe and gets a taste of a favorite childhood snack, unwittingly setting off a chain reaction that would delight millions of people stuck at home with lots of time on their hands.

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