K Beauty: 5 Sun Protection Products that Don’t Go on Your Skin

Cutting edge innovations, exotic ingredients, and complicated 10 step routines have the beauty world crazy about the proven effects of K Beauty skincare. However a lesser known fact is that at its core there is only one absolute essential step to K Beauty: sun protection.

Sun is the Enemy

From an obscenely young age, Korean girls are told by their mothers to stay out of the sun. And Korean women who listened to their mothers have beautiful smooth unblemished skin late into their 60s and 70s.

Though sunscreen is a must when you go out in the sun, here are the chemical free, Korean mom approved ways to keep that nasty sun at bay.

#1. Embrace the Pale

Sun Protection

KPop beauties have something in common that you might have noticed: natural, untanned skin. The Korean way is to stay out of the sun to avoid wrinkles and brown spots. As tempting as it is to get that bronze glow, make peace with your natural color and reap the rewards for years to come.

#2. Visors are Your Friend

Sun Protection

They don’t ruin your hair and some even protect your entire face … Ok fine they look ridiculous but do you want beautiful skin or not?

Visors have had a rough past in the fashion world but they are tried and true battle gear in the war against sun damage. Korean women and golfing dads have pretty much cornered the market on visors but you need to check them out. See our guide to full face visors here.

#3. Rock a Stylish Hat for Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Hats are fun and fancy. They also provide great sun protection for your delicate and vulnerable skin.

#4. Sun Protection with a Parasol

Sun Protection

Gwen Stefanie has amazing skin at age 50 and it’s no accident! She says her number secret is sun protection and a parasol helps her do just that.

#5. Shade Those Windows

sun damage

If you need any more convincing that sun today will mean wrinkles tomorrow, just check out this truck driver who had one side of his face exposed to the sun while he drove.

We spend a tremendous amount of time driving or riding in cars these days. Try window shades to to protect your skin.

And if you still need more proof that the sun is the number one damager of skin, check out these identical twins, one of whom loved sunning more than the other!

Sun protection as early as possible is bar none the number one rule of K Beauty. It’s never too late to start on your road to K Beautiful!

Sun Protection

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