Julienne Park’s Insanely Gorgeous K Beauty Skincare Routine

If you are skeptical about the results of a disciplined K Beauty skincare routine, look no further than the flawless complexion of Julienne Park. A member of the Board of Directors of the Korean American Family Service Center, the 42-year-old Manhattan mom turns heads wherever she goes with exceptionally smooth skin that defies belief.

She looked so radiant at our last dinner that I had to find out her exact regimen. The good news is that Park has experimented so much through the years that we can jump right to her current routine to reap the benefits of her trial and error.

An open secret in the K Beauty world is that the “K” doesn’t strictly refer to only Korean products. Both on the peninsula and off, K Beauty followers adapt the multi-step template and use global products that work best for them.

Here is our chat with the lovely Julienne Park and a detailed list of all her favorite products that go into her tried and true K Beauty routine.

PL: When did you start becoming vigilant about skincare?

JP: I was blessed with fairly good skin throughout my early adolescent years but during college, my face started breaking out. During those years, I did what any normal teenager would do: I totally freaked out and tried everything. From chemical peels to several different medications, I pretty much tried anything and everything I could to tame my breakouts. It was during that time that l learned the importance of skin health and how virtually everything affects the skin.

K Beauty skincare routine


Did you have any specific skincare issues that you were able to fix? If so, please explain.

The biggest game changing treatment for my acne was a prescribed medicine called Tazorac. Tazorac belongs to the group of drugs called retinoids and also comes from Vitamin A. Tazorac slows the overgrowth of skin cells and decreases inflammation that may trigger acne.

I’m also a huge believer in microneedling. Microneedling works by encouraging your skin to make more collagen. The procedure causes slight prickling injury to the skin and the skin responds by making new collagen rich tissue. I’m obsessed with this treatment and very disciplined about getting it every at least once a month.

What mistakes in skincare did you make that you are glad you eliminated from your routine?

I used to overuse products with active and powerful ingredients. For example, I would use AHA with Vitamin C serum with another topical cream with retinol. These are highly effective power player ingredients but it can also over-exfoliate and irritate your natural skin barrier and end up damaging your skin. 

Do you do anything else to supplement your daily routine?

I thoroughly enjoy my topical skincare products, but I also add effective devices to my anti-aging routine. Nuface Microcurrent is a regular part of my skincare routine but I recently added a device stimulating sub-dermal muscles using medium frequency energy to the rotation. Medicube AGE-R is a professional-grade esthetician treatment that takes care of the elasticity of sagging skin. This face contouring device depuffs and sharpens my jawline like no other. I discovered this new device and I’m obsessed with it!

If you had to choose one or two products that are your absolute favorites, what would they be?

I’m loyal to SkinMedica TNS Advanced Serum & Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum. I’ve been repurchasing over and over again and I’m probably on my 10th bottle.

Julienne’s Favorite K Beauty Skincare Routine for Morning and Evening


K Beauty skincare routine
Evening (Triple Cleanse)

2. Toner


3. Serum

K Beauty skincare routine
  • Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Vitamin C (Favorite Product)
  • Skinmedica TNS Advanced+ Serum (Favorite Product)
  • Osmosis Renew Advanced Retinol Serum (mixed with Osmosis Activating Boost)

4. Moisturizer


5. Sunscreen


Bonus: Tools

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