What To Do In Korea In April 2023: Cherry Blossom Season

There are so many reasons to visit Korea in April, from beautiful cherry blossoms and spring blooms, to exciting festivals across the country and some of the best weather of the year. April is a time when positivity for the year ahead grows from the gloom of winter and everyone is outside to enjoy the bounty of nature’s grace.

April is certainly peak time in Korea for a good reason. You can stroll through royal palaces dressed in traditional Korean hanbok as cherry blossoms gently blow from the tree while blue skies glow in the background. It’s an extremely photogenic time of year and one that demands you go out and see all that Korea has to offer.

Cherry blossoms, while incredible, are not the only reason to visit Korea in April. There are many spring flowers on show and festivals celebrating their return to the streets, fields, mountains, rivers, and lakes across Korea, giving you the chance to sample Korean festival food, watch cultural performances (both modern and traditional), and be part of the nationwide joy that April brings.

Find out why you simply must visit Korea in April and all the amazing things you can do in the Land of Morning Calm this month.

Why You Should Visit Korea In April

Beautiful tree in Korean temple in April

April is one of the best times to visit Korea. It’s warm, there are many colorful blossoms and blooms out to see, and many fun festivals to check out. Winter blues make way for spring positivity, seen in the way everyone crowds into parks and palaces to watch cherry blossoms fall from ancient trees and tulips wave in the spring breeze.

Korea in April is considered peak travel season due to the range of attractions, events, and festivals on during this time. It’s not only cherry blossoms that are on show, there are also flower festivals, cultural festivals, and interactive exhibitions in Seoul where you can find out more about modern K-Culture and see performances.

If you’re not sure if you should travel to Korea in April, this article will convince you that you definitely should and help you plan what to do during this pleasant month. Find out 5 great activities you can do during April in Korea, as well as 5 fun festivals you can check out. There’s also lots of useful information about traveling to Korea in April, too.

What To Do During April In Korea

Cherry blossoms at Seoul Palace in April

As the weather is so good in April – warm and mostly sunny – you can do all the usual tourists activities such as visiting royal palaces, checking out the sights from tall towers, exploring traditional markets, sampling Korean street food, and lots more. There are some activities that are even better during April, including some you can only do during this month. Here are 5 of the best April activities you can enjoy in Korea.

See Cherry Blossoms In Seoul’s Royal Palaces

If you’re visiting Korea in the first half of April, you’ll be treated to incredible views of pinky-white cherry blossoms adorning thousands of trees across the country. The cherry blossoms start on Jeju Island in late March and arrive in Seoul early April, so the best place to see them in April is in the capital. They usually bloom in the first week and peak by the start of the second week.

Seoul’s royal palaces, including Gyeongbokgung Palace, are the perfect places to witness these short-lived blossoms and they have been planted in the palace grounds to provide the most majestic scenes. Explore Seoul’s palaces during cherry blossom season and you’ll see pink flowers falling on curved rooftops, floating in tranquil lakes, creeping over palace walls, and lining ancient walkways.

Best of Korea Tip: Rent traditional Korean hanbok and explore the palaces as a member of Joseon-era nobility. These beautiful costumes are the perfect addition to a cherry blossom-viewing day out in Seoul’s royal palaces.

Walk Through A Riverside Park In Seoul

People in Korea walking with cherry blossoms

As well as Seoul’s royal palaces, the Han River parks that run throughout the city are incredible places to see cherry blossoms and other spring flowers. Yeouido Hangang Park is one of the best and has long cherry blossom, lined streets that will be packed with blossom hunters in early April. Not only can you see beautiful blossoms, you can also rent a picnic mat and enjoy an afternoon on the grass.

Another area with lovely riverside parks in Seoul is near World Cup Stadium in Mapo. There are several parks here, including the World Cup Park, Nanju Hangang Park, Haneul Sky Park, and the Oil Tank Culture Park. Each one offers stunning views of the wide Han River, interesting walks to explore, attractions to try out, and often some sort of pop-up events on weekends.

Visit Jeju Island For Natural Beauty

Jeju Island is one of the best most beautiful places to visit in Korea, filled with natural wonders and named as one of the New 7 Wonder of Nature, You can see glistening waterfalls, swaying fields of green tea, jet black volcanic rocks, and mile after mile of rocky and sandy coastlines. From the tallest peak in Korea, Hallasan Mountain, to hidden underground lava tubes, there’s so much to see on Jeju Island.

Although April is too late to see cherry blossoms on Jeju Island, there are plenty of other sights to enjoy this month, including the bright yellow canola flowers which Jeju is famous for in spring. These are planted along the scenic coastal roads and are a charm to drive or cycle along. Check out Jeju’s lovely beachside cafes and unwind with a hot coffee and impressive views before trying some of Jeju’s local delicacies.

Explore Nami Island & The Garden Of Morning Calm

Garden of Morning Calm With Tulips

Spring in Korea, especially April, is an incredible time to be outside in reborn nature. Winter in Korea is cold and dry and the flowers eagerly wait for spring and the warmer weather and light showers it brings. Two of the best places to see this natural rebirth are in Gapyeong County just outside of Seoul, which is home to Nami Island and The Garden of Morning Calm – two of Korea’s most popular tourist destinaitons.

Nami Island is a famous island that declared itself as an independent republic inside Korea (it’s not really). You can get to the island by ferry or zip line and once you’re there, you get to enjoy walking along long tree-lined pathways, through gardens, and around the shore. There are loads of cozy cafes and shops to check out, and some furry friends such as rabbits and deer who might come and say hello.

The Garden of Morning Calm is Korea’s best garden and offers several hours of pleasant walks through plants, trees, ponds, traditional Korean houses, past streams, and through greenhouses. This carefully designed garden looks beautiful any time of year, but more-so during spring where you can see many pretty blooms, including tulips, azaleas, magnolias, forsythia, and of course cherry blossoms.

Best of Korea Tip: Book a tour to Nami Island and The Garden of Morning Calm to save time on traveling between these locations. You can also add in extra destinations, such as the rail bike park, Alpaca World, and Petite France.

Go Hiking In A Korean National Park

April is a popular time to go hiking in Korea thanks to the weather and pretty sights available in Korea’s 22 national parks, which are spread across the country and provide lots of trekking and hiking opportunities. The nearest national park to Seoul is Bukhansan National Park and is actually inside Seoul itself, squeezing into the northern part of the city. Hiking to the peak takes about 3 hours and offers city-wide views.

Outside of Seoul, national parks such as Jirisan National Park, Hallasan National Park (Jeju Island), and Seoraksan National Park provide the perfect places to get some exercise, see mountain flower and blooms, such as azaleas and forsythia and check out the views. If you go hiking, make sure to finish off the day with the traditional Korean hiking meal of haemul pajeon and makgeolli – seafood pancake and rice wine.

Best of Korea Tip: Don’t like hiking but still want to see the sights from up high? Book a day trip to Seoraksan National Park on the east coast. At this scenic national park you can take a cable car to one of the peaks, walk through leafy valleys, and see all the way to the sea.

Fun Korean Festivals To Check Out In April

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

There are many fun festivals to check out during April in Korea. The biggest ones celebrate nature, including cherry blossoms, but there’s also cultural, music, and food festivals going on, too. Spring is a time to be celebrated and Koreans make a big effort to show their appreciation of the change of season with these festivals.

From Seoul to Jeju Island, there are many Korean spring festivals you can join in April that will show you the best of Korea’s nature, culture, and food. Each festival has its own theme, such as cherry blossom viewing or green tea, and most festivals will offer you the chance to try out festival foods, see cultural performances, and learn more about Korea’s unique culture.

Here are 5 of the best Korean spring festivals you can join this April.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

The biggest and best cherry blossom festival in Korea is in Jinhae, a small city in southern Korea that goes all out to celebrate cherry blossoms. This festival is the best place to experience colorful cherry blossom views with thousands of cherry trees lining streets, covering hills, and surrounding the lakes and rivers in the city. You can spend hours wandering throughout Jinhae, checking out the different views.

There are lots of festival activities to enjoy here, including cherry blossom-themed arts and crafts, cherry blossom-based foods and drinks, and pretty murals on street walls where you can pose for pictures. Definitely visit Yeojwacheon Stream and Gyeonghwa Train Station in Jinhae, these are the most popular parts of the festival and not to be missed.

Festival Dates: March 24 – April 6

Best of Korea Tip: Jinhae is far from Seoul and not easily accessed by public transport. A tour to Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival from Seoul or Busan is the best option to see the festival for a day trip, taking you in and out of Jinhae in comfort and hassle-free.

Boseong Green Tea Culture Festival

Boseong Green Tea Plantation

Korea in April is not only a time for cherry blossoms, there are also lush green tea fields sprouting fresh leaves ready to be drunk in Korean teahouses across the country. Boseong, near the southern coast of Korea, is one of the biggest green tea plantation areas in Korea and beautiful destination to visit to see rows of green tea bushes spread across hillsides like ripples on a pond.

To celebrate spring, the Boseong Green Tea Culture Festival is held in late April and offers visitors the chance to pick their own tea leaves, brew some healthy green tea, and sample many green tea-based products. As well as these, there are festival stalls showcasing traditional Korean tea ceremonies, a stamp tour, tea competition, and an astrology experience. And lots of green tea souvenirs to buy.

Festival Dates: April 29 – May 7

Taean Tulip Festival

Taean International Tulip Festival

Another vibrant festival held in Korea in April is the Taean Tulip Festival. The city of Taean, located on Korea’s lesser-traveled west coast, hosts Korea’s largest flower festival at the Korea Flower Park and provides a wonderful day trip in nature. The tulips are the star of the festival and there are endless rows of them organized by color to create patterns, rainbows, and displays that will shock you with their size.

There are many photo zones to check out at the Taean Tulip Festival that provide interesting backgrounds and contrasts to the flowers. There are also other spring flowers to see besides tulips, views of the sea, and local seafood to enjoy in restaurants outside the park. Another flower festival closer to Seoul is the Goyang International Flower Festival which runs from the end of April to early May.

Festival Dates: April 12 – May 7

Goryeosan Mountain Azalea Festival

Located on a scenic island north of Incheon Airport, the Mount Goryeosan Azalea Festival in April provides views of pretty waves of pink and purple azaleas spreading across rolling hills. The azaleas grow on the side of the mountain in large patches, sometimes spreading down into traditional Korean buildings, temples, and along well-worn paths. This area is best explored on foot to really immerse yourself in nature.

The festival is held on Ganghwado Island, which is close to the North Korean border and you might be able to see over into the other country if you climb high enough up Goryeosan Mountain. Even if you don’t like hiking, this location is perfect for a day out in the spring sunshine and offers plenty of photo zones, art installations, and places to enjoy the views in the lower slopes.

Festival Dates: April 14 – April 22

Best of Korea Tip: Book a day trip to the Goryeosan Mountain Azalea Festival from Seoul and enjoy seeing the coastal views, walking through the pink fields, and sampling fresh seafood at the nearby Oepo Port Seafood Market.

Seoul Festa Festival

Seoul Festa

Want to learn more about Korean culture in Seoul this spring? Definitely check out the Seoul Festa Festival that runs for 8 days from April 30th until May 7th. This is a celebration of all things Korean held in multiple locations across Korea’s iconic capital. There are five themes of this festival, including music, style, taste, night-scapes, and pop-up events with various themes.

The Seoul Festa Festival started in 2022 and is set to become a big festival that anyone visiting Korea in April should check out. You can watch K-Pop concerts, sample delicious Korean foods, see the latest Korean fashion items, learn about Korean culture and history, see live performances, and buy beautiful traditional crafts to take home with you as souvenirs.

Festival Dates: April 30 – May 7

Essential Info For Visiting Korea In April

Cherry blossoms in Korean National Park

This final section includes our best travel tips for visiting Korea in April, including what weather to expect, things to watch out for, and what to wear to travel Korea comfortably. If you want more travel tips for South Korea, be sure to check out our South Korea Travel Guide for everything you need to plan a trip to Korea.

Weather In Korea In April

The weather during April in Korea truly represents the best of spring. March has lingering cold from winter, while May starts to get a bit of summer heat, but April is that sweet spot where the days are warm enough to walk around without a jacket and you don’t have to worry about sweating. Generally, the weather during April is clear and calm with blue skies.

However, April is known as the month of showers in some countries, and Korea is no exception. There is more rain in April than the other 2 months of spring, but far less than you’ll find during summer in Korea (rainy season). Rainfall isn’t constant, but there are odd days when it will rain all day and then go back to being clear and sunny the next day. The spring plants need watering.

A Warning About Air Pollution

Although the weather is generally good in Korea during April, there is one major downside to visiting during this time – air pollution. Yellow Dust spreads across Korea during spring, originating in the deserts of Northern China and Mongolia, and can cause extreme levels of air pollution, which can be dangerous for people sensitive to pollution. It can be so high that it’s dangerous to go outside for everyone.

Fortunately, there are only a few days per year when Yellow Dust pollution is so high that it stops people enjoying the spring weather. However, it is certainly something to be aware of. Check out the air pollution levels on weather websites or get a dedicated air pollution app when you travel to keep an eye on it. You should be able to see with your own eyes when its bad as there’ll be a yellow haze in the sky.

What To Wear In April

As mentioned, Korea in April is a warm month with the odd bit of rain. Expect temperatures in the 50s during the evening and up to 80 during the day. Warm weather clothes are helpful, along with a light jacket in case it gets cold at night. Korean buses, subways, and shops start turning on the air conditioning as soon as it gets a bit hot, so don’t worry about being too hot when travelling.

As April is a time to be outside and enjoy the natural sights and festivals, a good pair of walking shoes is recommended, along with lightweight pants and tops with long sleeves. If you plan to go to the national parks or mountains, there could be mosquitoes, so it’s best to cover up legs and arms. Insect repellant, sun cream, arm sleeves, etc., can all be purchased from Korea cheaply.

Visiting Korea In April FAQs

Finally, here are a few FAQs about the what to do in Korea during April that should cover any other questions you may have.

What’s the weather like in Korea in April?

The weather in Korea in April is warm and mostly sunny. However, there are also April showers that can last for a day or two. Generally, the weather during April is some of the best that you can find in Korea and is not too hot or cold and has a good level of humidity.

Is it cold in Korea during April?

It’s not usually cold during April in Korea, but can get down below 50 at night. Daytime is usually around 70 to 80 and will be warm from early morning until early evening. When it rains, the weather can drop and it can be cold if you’re outside in the rain.

Can I see cherry blossoms in Korea in April?

Yes. Korean cherry blossoms bloom in Seoul and other cities in Northern Korea from early April and last until the middle of the month. The blooming date changes each year, but typically falls within the first two weeks of April.

Are there any festivals in Korea during April?

There are many spring festivals in Korea to visit, including cherry blossom festivals, flower festivals, culture festivals, and outdoor festivals celebrating the spring weather and sights.

Does it rain in April in Korea?

April is not rainy season in Korea, but it is one of the wettest months outside of the summer. Average rainfall during April is 95mm, making it the 5th wettest month of the year. However, the rainfall in Korea in April is lighter and less constant than during rainy season in the summer and can be refreshing.

Traveling To Korea Soon?

Man in Korean hanbok walking in a palace in Seoul

Are you traveling to Korea soon and want to know about more than just the Best Korean Sim Cards and Portable WiFi Routers? Need information about the current travel restrictions and regulations? Or maybe you want to know what else there is to see and do in Korea, and what other unmissable experiences there are be had in Seoul and beyond?

If so, be sure to check out our South Korea Travel Guide for more info about what to see, where to stay, when to visit, and everything else you need to plan your trip to Korea. And be sure to brush up on Korean Etiquette and Culture to avoid making any cultural faux pas. Learn some Korea before you travel with our guide to the Best Ways To Learn Korean and travel more easily.

The best time to visit Seoul is definitely in spring or fall, where you can see cherry blossoms and fall foliage respectively. January and February are good if you want to enjoy winter sports and possibly see snow. Summer is best spent on Korea’s sandy beaches.

Now, here are a few more tips to help you make your trip to Seoul more comfortable and guarantee you a great stay in the Land of Morning Calm. Check out these hotel recommendations and some of our favorite Korea travel essentials.

Where To Stay In Seoul To See Beautiful Places

Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel

Want to know where to stay to see these beautiful places in Seoul? Want to be close to the royal palaces and traditional hanok houses, or in the heart of modern Korean culture, street food, and fashion? Not sure of the most convenient places to stay with good subway connections, great nearby restaurants, or lively nightlife?

Whether you’re traveling on a budget, want to spend on the best service available, or want to balance both, we’ve selected 9 of the best Seoul hotels that you’ll love. Click on the name of each hotel to check prices.

Luxury Hotels

If you want the best the Seoul has to offer, then these three hotels are for you. Located in Seoul’s wealthy neighborhoods of Gangnam and Itaewon, these hotels are in walking distance of Michelin-starred restaurants, chic boutiques, galleries and museums, and the finest shopping experiences available.

Signiel Hotel Seoul ★★★★★​
One of the best hotels in Korea, if not the world, the Signiel Hotel Seoul is inside the world’s 6th tallest building – the Lotte World Tower – and will give you an incredible stay in Seoul. Experience unbeatable views from the Seoul Sky Observatory on the 117th floor.

Grand Hyatt Seoul ★★★★★
This sleek hotel is tucked away in a peaceful residential area with trendsetting fashion boutiques, cozy cafes & upmarket restaurants, all within sight of the N Seoul Tower. The views from the hotel are spectacular.​

InterContinental Seoul Parnas ★★★★★​
The hotel is adjacent to COEX Mall with convenient access to one of the topmost shopping, entertainment, and business complexes in Korea. Guest rooms and suites feature floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a sophisticated ambiance to unwind and relax.

Mid-Range Hotels

Families, couples, and other travelers that want to experience the best of Seoul without breaking the bank can sleep easy with these next three hotel recommendations. Discover stylish accommodations in these popular districts, each with fantastic city views. These hotels are all conveniently located for sightseeing, shopping, and eating out. Great hotels with reasonable prices.

Mondrian Seoul Itaewon ★★★★★​
Mondrian Seoul Itaewon is an immersive lifestyle destination fueled by bold, captivating designs expressed through a playful mindset–an ideal choice both for forward-thinking locals and for international visitors who are looking for fresh and exciting cultural experiences.

Four Points by Sheraton Seoul ★★★★​
Explore vibrant Gangnam and famous local attractions including Apgujeong and Garosugil, the Han River, museums and the Hyundai Department Store. Immerse yourself in K-pop culture and K-beauty experiences, great shopping, trendy restaurants and famous lounge bars and clubs.

Lotte Hotel Seoul ★★★★★​
Step outside the hotel and you’ll find yourself in Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s most popular district for tourists, with royal palaces, famous markets, street food stalls, and a wealth of shopping all a few footsteps away. This hotel is a great base for busy travelers.

Budget Hotels

Seoul has a wealth of budget accommodation options that will help make your money go further. These hotels are all under $100 but offer comfort and convenience. One hotel even has a beautiful rooftop pool. Although these hotels are cheaper, don’t lower your expectations. You’ll always find great service in Korea. Save on sleeping to spend more on shopping, souvenirs, sights, and all the other fun things there are to do in Seoul.

L7 Hongdae by Lotte ★★★★​
L7 Hongdae is a delightful cultural station, filled with chic and artistic decorations and colorful rooms that resonate with the stylish inhabitants of the neighborhood. Travelers looking for a relaxing place to stay in a trendy area will love this hotel.

Rosana Boutique Hotel ★★★★​
The Rosana Boutique Hotel is a stylish hotel that offers a comfortable night’s stay at budget prices. Located under the shadow of the world’s 6th tallest building – The Lotte World Tower, this is a great hotel for bargain hunters who want beautiful surroundings without 5-star prices.

Mercure Ambassador Hongdae ★★★★​
Well known for urban arts, indie music, clubs, restaurants and various entertainment offerings, Hongdae is where you can experience the beating heart of Seoul’s creativity. Watch local students perform at night and try out cutting-edge youth fashion in the boutiques.

Our Recommended Seoul Travel Essentials

Best Of Korea Recommendations

From mobile internet to travel passes that save you time and money getting around, here are some of our top tips for when you visit Seoul.

Flights To Korea: Check prices on flight search sites like Skyscanner and Expedia before booking your flights. You can find some amazing discounts and flights to match your schedule from 100s of different airlines.

Getting To Seoul From Incheon Airport: Ride the Airport Express high-speed train to Seoul Station and connect to the subway system and local taxis. However, if you’re traveling as a group, or have a lot of luggage, an Incheon Airport Private Transfer direct to your hotel is a lot more comfortable.

Transportation: Grab a T-Money Card as soon as you arrive at Incheon Airport. You can use it to ride the subway, buses, and pay for purchases in shops, cafes, convenience stores, and more.

Mobile Internet: Internet access makes traveling so much easier these days. Check the weather, get around, order food, book tickets, and so much more. Best of Korea recommends a Korean Sim Card if you want to use Korean apps (you need a number), or a Portable WiFi Router if you just want Internet access without the number. Preorder online and collect at the airport.

Discover Seoul Pass: If you want to see some of Seoul’s hottest attractions, definitely buy a Discover Seoul Pass. This will get you free entry to the N Seoul Tower, COEX Aquarium, Lotte World, Royal Palaces, and lots more. You even get a free T-Money Card and Airport Express Ride with the card.

Keep checking Best of Korea for all of the latest travel recommendations and travel advice.

Thanks for reading.

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