Single’s Inferno 2: Meet Fan Favorite Nadine Lee

Even if you haven’t watched the new season of “Single’s Inferno”, chances are you’ve heard about the show and its breakout star, Korean American cast member, Nadine Lee. The Netflix reality TV show brings together a group of very attractive singles to a deserted island near Incheon, South Korea. While on the barren island, known as “Inferno”, contestants have to cook, flirt, scheme and survive without any phones or background on the other contestants.

Through games and other match-making opportunities, the individuals have numerous chances to go to “Paradise” as a couple and spend the night in splendor at a luxury hotel. While in Paradise, the couples are also allowed to reveal their age and occupation with the hopes of forming a deeper connection. This season’s group features a diverse and impressive range of occupations and it is safe to say that Nadine Lee’s impressive background was one of the most surprising.

After eight days of spending time between Inferno and Paradise, contestants are asked to commit to a single person. If both individuals choose each other, they walk out holding hands as a potential, real-life couple. Without spoiling the outcome of the show, I can definitely say that the ending was a stunner.

Nadine Lee Becomes the Fan Favorite

Though the first season that aired in 2021 was a massive hit, season two has sparked even more interest from viewers across the world. Among the contestants, one in particular has become the “it girl” of the season. Nadine Lee, a 22-year-old Korean American university student, has stolen the hearts of viewers. Nadine continually switches between speaking Korean and English throughout the show, which sparked speculation that she was from the US.

During her first trip to Paradise, she reveals that she’s a pre-med student at Harvard University studying neuroscience and computer science. We find out that she has lives in both Korea and the US, allowing her to bring a kind of international charm that viewers had not seen on the show before. 

nadine lee single's inferno

Nadine Lee Shares Her Life on Her Mother’s YouTube Channel

Nadine has prior experience being on social media, frequently guest starring on her mother’s YouTube channel—Sparkling Nimo Fam—and regularly posting on her own popular Instagram page. Included in the YouTube lineup is her video revealing an impressive list of Ivy League college acceptances, including Yale and Princeton. Nadine offers advice on college admissions and explains her decision to join the U.S. Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC) in an attempt to delve into her passion and stand out from other candidates.

She says in the video, “No matter how smart you are…if you don’t have goals or values in life…a meaningful vision for the future, prestigious Ivy Leagues would not consider you a strong applicant …it’s about finding who you are and being confident in who you are and owning the process.” 

She also shares her close relationship with her younger sister and mother through vlogs, lookbooks, and shopping hauls. Her mother’s lifestyle channel not only features videos related to fashion and styling but also includes parenting advice, where she explains her journey as a single mother who raised two Ivy League daughters. Her shopping and styling videos with Nadine are quite popular, highlighting the great taste that both Nadine and her mother share. 

nadine lee singles inferno
Instagram: @deeenerss

What’s Next for Nadine Lee?

With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Nadine personifies the description, “beauty and brains”. Outside of her studies at Harvard, Nadine was also previously signed under YG Entertainment’s model division, YG K-Plus. In fact, other contestants on the show comment on her height and slim figure and speculate that she may be a professional model. Recently, however, Nadine has mostly been dedicated to neuroscience research and volunteer work while finishing her last year at university.

During one of her first interviews on the show, she talks about her goal of stepping out of her comfort zone and making special memories through “Single’s Inferno”. While it is unclear whether she walked out of the show with a romantic relationship, Nadine quickly gained fans for her extensive experiences and big personality. If you have yet to hop on the wild Inferno ride, what are you waiting for? Make sure to check it out to see who your favorite contestant is! 

As a bonus, check out the “Single’s Inferno 2” cast reunion and hear their take on some of the highlights of the show:

Michelle Jimin Lee
Michelle Lee is a recent UC Berkeley graduate with a BA in Political Science and Economics. She lives in the US but frequently travels to Korea to visit family. She is currently working as a paralegal at a law firm in LA and enjoys staying on top of Korean dramas and movies.

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