Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno’ is the Riveting Dating Show to Watch After ‘Squid Game’

Single’s Inferno became the first Korean reality show to make it onto the Netflix Top 10 TV Shows. According to streaming analytics company FlixPatrol, Single’s Inferno ranked number 10 most watched TV show globally on Netflix last week.

Following the stunning popularity of Squid Game (2021), Single’s Inferno features twelve contestants competing against each other, Korean style, to find their perfect mate. Contestants can escape the island and go to a luxury hotel only when two of them mutually choose each other to become a couple.

The games may be less lethal but there’s no shortage of drama and emotion pulsing throughout the series. There’s also a narrating voice announcing the games and activities that may remind many of the terrifying Squid Game.

Single’s Inferno aired its first two episodes on Dec. 18.

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