[Review] Seoulbox Ships a Taste of Korea Straight to Your Door (10% Off First Order)

Whether you live far away from Korean markets or simply crave some new Korean foods selected by an expert, Seoulbox promises to come to the rescue by shipping a box of goodies straight from Korea to your door!

Since I grew up in Korea, I was curious to check out what kind of merchandise was included in Seoulbox. I also have so many friends who are interested in trying Korean snacks and this seemed like a very promising way for them to try a wide selection of great products. Since our readers get an exclusive discount, I decided to try it for myself and give you my honest review.

Here are my thoughts on Seoulbox Signature and Seoulbox V (Vegetarian):

The adorable boxes include a variety of Korean snacks plus K-pop merch and a K-beauty product with a booklet that explains all the items in the box along with an additional explanation about K-pop, K-drama, and Korean cafe culture. In addition:

  1. Both boxes truly have excellent selections of Korean snacks! Some bestsellers and some new and noteworthy, all the items were on point and I had a hard time deciding where to start.
  2. You get a lot more for what you pay than when you buy the items individually.
  3. You get a cute Kpop item like a BTS character doll and a Kbeauty mask sheet on top of Korean snacks.
  4. There is an option for vegetarians.
  5. There are options for the subscriptions on Seoulbox Signature or Seoulbox V.
  6. These boxes have a ‘wow’ factor that make for great gifts to those who love Korean snacks or are interested in Korean things.

Below is a detailed description of what was inside my boxes:

Seoulbox Signature

My Seoulbox Signature contained the following:

1. Dinosaur Egg Chips: The chip is a sphere shape and empty inside. It reminds me of American cheese balls but it is a crunchier texture than our American airy cheese balls. You will be surprised by the unexpected tastes.

2. Jeju Tangerine Chocolate Pepero: We are so used to the original chocolate-covered Pepero. Instead, this Pepero is covered with tangerine-flavored white chocolate and nuts. It is very creamy and citrus at the same time. The biscuit stick part is crunchy as well. It is one of my favorites in the box.

3. Coffee Peanuts: Coffee Peanuts was my favorite snack in my teen. This is a peanut coated with coffee-flavored rock sugar. It’s nutty, crunchy, and sweet. The coffee-flavored sugar coating reminds me of toffees but it doesn’t stick between my teeth! This is a perfect snack when you need a boost in the late afternoon

4. Myeong Ga Gamtae Seaweed: This Korean dried seaweed is salty, crispy, and savory. They are also healthy food! It will be a great alternative healthy and savory snack for anyone who craves potato chips.

5. Dream Cacao: They are dark chocolate cubes in a cylinder container. It’s 72% cacao so you will experience rich chocolate tastes without too much sweetness in your mouth. Another great thing about chocolate is that it will not melt and mess on your hands. The container will make it easier for you to carry in a purse or you can put the container on your work desk so you can eat them whenever you crave chocolates.

6. Five Grains Cocoa Balls Bar: This is a healthier version of Rice Crispy. It is made of five grains covered with chocolate. This yummy bar will energize you when you need energy in the afternoon.

7. BTS Hot Brew Vanilla Latte: The package is great for K-pop lovers, especially to Army since one of the BTS member’s pictures is on the bottle. It is a mild milky sweet coffee with low caffeine content, about half of the tall coffee from Starbucks. If you need just a little bit of caffeine with a sweet taste, this is a perfect cold coffee drink.

8. Maxim Mocha Latte: This tastes like milky hot chocolate. If you need hot chocolate with caffeine, this will satisfy your need.

9. Arabica Coffee Gum: This is also one of my favorite gums in my teenage days. This is very soft to chew with a rich coffee flavor. You will taste rich coffee flavor each time you chew!

10. Kpop Plush: It comes with a cute little BT21 (BTS character) doll. I got Koya, Rap Monster’s character~

11. Propolis Ener-g Ampoule Mask: I put this mask on at night right before I went to sleep for twenty minutes. This mask will hydrate and give your skin a thick layer of nutrition. When I woke up in the morning, I still felt my face very hydrated and my skin very soft. Tip: Make sure you use all the liquid left in the package on your neck and hands. Also after taking off the mask, use the mask sheet on your body since there is plenty of liquid left on the sheet as well.

12. Potato Chip Hot Gobchang: Gobchang is the small intestine of beef or pork and it is considered to be a delicacy in Korea and it is one of my favorite food. However, it doesn’t taste anything like Gobphang but it has a spicy bbq taste. It is spicy, sweet, and salt at the same time which is full of flavor and so yummy. This is my 4th grader daughter’s favorite!

13. Nature is Tasty Hong Myun: This is spicy ramen with very rich beef mushroom broth. If you are familiar with Shin ramen, I like to say that the spiciness of this ramen is totally different from it. It isn’t as spicy as Shin Ramen but it is still spicy. Shin ramen’s spiciness is more toward the backend but Hong Myun’s spiciness is at your first bite. The noodle is not the usual fried ramen noodle. It is a dried noodle which is healthier than the fried ones. 100 fewer calories! Overall, it is healthy and very tasty for those who love spicy ramen.

14. Margaret Baked Mocha Cookie: It is soft, buttery, and smooth with a subtle fresh coffee flavor. It is really delicious and perfect with afternoon tea.

15. Mon Cher cake salty peanut: This is a soft cake covered with caramel peanut chocolate and peanut butter inside. The texture is really soft and it melts in your mouth. It is so good and you will find yourself wanting more!

16. Binch Caffe Mocha: It is a crispy biscuit covered with mocha flavor chocolate where coffee lovers will love. The contrast between the crispiness of the biscuit and the soft but rich mocha chocolate flavor will delight you so much that you won’t realize that you will find yourself looking for where you can buy more!

17. Jaws Watermelon Jellies: These are jellies with two flavors, the red one is watermelon and the blue-grey one is lemon. The texture of the jellies is chewy but very soft and the flavors are so rich!

Seoulbox V (Vegetarian Version of Seoulbox Signature)


Seoulbox V is free of meat products and makes the perfect snack box or gift for your favorite vegetarian.

Overall I am over the moon about the convenience, fun, and affordability of Seoulbox. I highly recommend it as a gift for friends, colleagues, or even yourself whenever you need a delightful pick-me-up.

Special Offer: 10% off your first order

Here are links to our favorite products that are offered on the Seoulbox website. Also available are 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.

  • Seoulbox V | $35 + 10% Off with code “BEST10”

Hanyoo Park is a content creator for Best of Korea. She was born in Seoul, Korea, and currently lives and works in Manhattan. She is mom to a 4th grader and a proud maximalist who loves everything about life.

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