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Grilling Cote NYC at Home

One of our all time favorite restaurants is Cote Korean Steakhouse in NYC, a thoroughly modern reimagining of Korean cuisine. Cote was a place we could always rely on for great food, perfect service, and a cool sophisticated ambience that was sure to impress even the fanciest of our non-Korean guests. The only downside of Cote NYC was that it was difficult to get a reservation. And, after it received a Michelin star? Forget about it! Now, it’s impossible to get a table!

Cote Korean
A typical meal at Cote NYC, Korean Steakhouse.

Hard as it was to snag a reservation, we soon became regulars, and my wife even surprised me on my birthday by giving me a private cocktail lesson with Cote’s master bartender Sondre Kasin.

When we moved to the Midwest, it was one of the restaurants we missed most and we were worried sick about what the pandemic might do the business. So you can imagine our delight when Cote’s owner and operator, Simon Kim, decided to offer overnight shipping of their best dishes to anywhere in the US. We received our first box today and were simply overwhelmed by the attention to detail and beautiful job they did to recreate the special flavors and vibe of Cote Korean Steakhouse right here in our home.

Cote Korean

Cote was already well known in NYC to be one of the biggest bargains among Michelin starred restaurants, and the delivery options are just as well priced. We got the Butcher’s Feast for 4-6 people, which provides a variety of amazing cuts of beef including bone in rib eye, wagyu, marinated galbi, and flank steak. Also included in this set are 4 pints of a variety of pickled vegetables, Cote’s special ssamjang ‘flavor bomb’ steak sauce, and a stack of red leaf lettuce for making wraps, all for $249, including overnight shipping.

Cote Korean

The meal came well insulated with ice packs and with the banchan in tightly sealed jars that are attractive enough to put right on the table. We followed the instructions included in the package and enjoyed a most amazing steak dinner filled with memories of a NYC that has changed so much in the past year.

We used our Korean stovetop grill to cook the steaks and end up with a perfect medium rare with sear marks for extra flavor. An outdoor grill is even better for the task if the weather cooperates.

Cote Korean
Cote Korean Galbi being cooked on our Korean stovetop grill at home. Rice cakes are not included in the package but a great addition to the meal (inspired by meals we’ve had at Cote).

The pandemic has shuttered many of the country’s best and most iconic restaurants, some for good. But Cote is pushing forward and will be opening a second location in Miami next year.

If you have a special occasion coming up or just want to treat yourself to a taste of a Michelin star Korean restaurant, or if you just want to help support a true Korean American visionary, don’t hesitate to order from Cote Korean Steakhouse. You can thank me later.

In honor of Korean American Story’s 10th Gala, Cote, Korean steakhouse Executive Chef David Shim shows you how to unbox this specially curated meal and shares tips for cooking the steaks and galbi at home.

Add a homemade Doenjang Jjigae to complete your Cote NYC dinner at home.

About Cote NYC Korean Steakhouse

Located in the heart of New York City, Cote Korean Steakhouse (pronounced “coat”) is the creative, carnivorous vision of proprietor Simon Kim, marrying the fun and fire of Korean barbeque with the prime cuts of an American steakhouse. This first-of-its-kind experience has earned Cote the world’s only Michelin star for Korean tabletop barbecue and a place on best steakhouse — and restaurant — lists from GQ to Thrillist to New York Magazine.

Order Online for Delivery

With Cote’s Original Butcher’s Feast®, you can now recreate one of New York City’s hottest dining experiences at home. Each package includes carefully packaged specialty cuts from Cote’s own dry-aging room — featuring USDA Prime hanger steak, 45+day dry-aged ribeye, American Wagyu “Cote” steak, and marinated short rib galbi along with Cote’s one-of-a-kind Gastronome’s Salt Blend.

Cote is also offering a Goldbelly web-exclusive Prime Galbi Steak Feast, which includes 36 ounces of our all-time favorite marinated galbi. Both packages include housemade ssamjang “steak sauce” and four pints of refreshing pickled vegetables to bring the perfect dinner party to the comfort of your home – or to the great outdoors.

Order your own Michelin Star meal from Cote here.

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