Review: Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes on Asian Eyes, 5 Pros & Cons

Few things can make your eyes pop like long, thick lashes. I’ve tried false eyelashes in the past to achieve this look but ultimately gave up because I could never get the finicky glue application right.  When Glamnetic came across my social media feed, it caught my attention because instead of glue, they utilize the latest false lash magnetic technology.  

Their lashes are lined with tiny little magnets along the lash band that adhere to the magnetic properties of the Glamnetic eyeliner.  As interesting as this sounded, it didn’t intrigue me enough for me to try it out.  But when my hip millennial cousin from LA came to town, I couldn’t help but notice how great her eyelashes looked.  When she told me they were Glamnetic, I decided it was time to give them a try!

Glamnetic has a wide selection of lashes to choose from so it took some effort for me to decide which I wanted to try.  I wanted a natural look so I selected the LYSM lashes because at 8mm they are the shortest lashes they offer. As for the liner, I ordered the felt tip liner in Cocoa Dreams (they also have liquid eyeliners but felt tip liners are much easier for me to apply). This liner shows as medium brown online, but it actually applies dark brown, and goes on like a typical felt tip eyeliner, notwithstanding its magnetic properties.

I applied the liner close to my lash line because that’s where I wanted my Glamnetic lashes to sit.  After I let the liner dry for a few seconds, I used my tweezers to apply the lashes.  Here are some pics of how the lashes look on my eyes.

Glamnetic lashes side view
Glamnetic lashes eyes closed
Glamnetic lashes open eye

Unlike glue lashes that I have to place in exactly the right spot along my lash line then hope it dries in place without moving, when I brought the LYSM lashes close to my lash line, the magnetic force from the eyeliner took over and kind of “snapped” the lashes into place. Application was remarkably easy, and the lashes stayed in place pretty well all day. The corners of the lashes dislodged slightly after a few hours, but this was easy to fix by applying more liner.

Here’s a video tutorial which shows Glamnetic lashes on Asian eyes using the brush liner and the Virgo and Lucky lashes:

Based on my use, here are my PROs:

  1. Application – so easy to apply!
  2. Staying Power – stays put better than glue eyelashes.
  3. Customer Service – when I had problems finding the right lashes for me, customer service was very responsive and helpful and gave me some good advice on which lashes to try.
  4. Safety – consensus seems to be that magnetic lashes are safe and much better for eyes than the chemicals found in eyelash glue.
  5. Minority Women Owned – Glamnetic is a minority woman founded and owned business, something I always like to support.

However, there are also CONs:

  1. Cost – Glamnetic products seem expensive. The lashes are supposed to last somewhere between 40-60 wears which would offset the cost but it requires the liner and the lashes, and both are pricey.  
  2. Removal – the eyeliner is difficult to remove and requires make-up remover in additional to soap and water.  I’ve found it removes more easily if I apply a different eyeliner under the Glamnetic eyeliner.
  3. Feel – these lashes have more weight to them than traditional lashes because of the magnets, so I could feel the lashes on my eyes all day. However, it wasn’t too bothersome and probably something I’d get used to if I wear them regularly.
  4. Selection – although Glamnetic offers various lash styles, for my purposes, they’re all too dramatic.  Even though LYSM is the shortest lash they offer and is supposed to look natural, I can only use them for a night out, and not for the office or daily wear (I found that LYSM and their other lashes look more natural in Glamnetic’s online images than in real life). Glamnetic seems to be geared towards millennials and Gen Z with a full face of makeup, like my fashionable cousin.  I would love to see Glamnetic offer more natural looking lashes for middle-aged working professionals.
  5. Packaging – the eyelashes come in cases that are larger and more cumbersome than they need to be, given how tiny and light false eyelashes are. I would love to see more compact and simplified packaging that’s environmentally friendly and takes up less space in my handbags.


After trying Glamnetic, I’ll never go back to the glue method. Given the downsides, I wouldn’t wear these lashes every day, but because of how easily the lashes apply and their staying power, Glamnetics are now my lashes of choice for going out.


Glamnetic Pen Liner and Lash Bundle, $66

Glamnetic Virgo Lashes, $30

Glamnetic Lucky Lashes, $30

Glamnetic LYSM Lashes, $30

Glamnetic Felt Tip Magnetic Eyeliner, $43

Glamnetic Brush Liner, $38

huiri kim

Huiri Kim is a full time pragmatist, currently working as an attorney based in Chicago. She is also a part time idealist, devising ways to see and save the world, then eventually retire in a warmly decorated tiny home.

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