All the Michelin-Starred Korean Restaurants Outside of Korea

As the popularity of Korean food continues to grow globally, the demand for a fresh take and more variety in Korean restaurants has never been so high. Rising to the challenge is a host of young chefs who have stepped up around the world and delivered some of the best dining experiences to be found. As proof, you can see a sharp uptick in the number of Korean restaurants populating the 2022 edition of the prestigious Michelin Guide.

In a banner year for Korean cuisine, six Korean restaurants outside of the peninsula have received new Michelin recognition bringing the total number to 30. In addition, two Korean chefs have been awarded special honors. Joomak Banjum in NYC earned its first Michelin Star this year and its pastry chef, Kelly Nam won MICHELIN Guide NY 2022 Pastry Chef of the Year. Nae:um in Singapore also received its first Michelin Star this year and its 32-year-old Korean chef-owner, Louis Han was presented with Singapore’s MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award 2022.

Simplicity Awarded with a Bib Gourmand

Although most people equate the over century-old Michelin Guide with stratospherically priced fine dining, their recommendations actually offer something for everyone. The Bib Gourmand award is similar to a Michelin Star, however, the criteria require that establishments offer a high quality yet simpler style of cooking at a modest price. This award category has been hugely popular since it was first introduced in 1997.

US Korean Restaurants Lead the Pack

Outside of Korea, there are 30 Korean restaurants with either a 2022 Michelin Star or Bib Gourmand rating. The US shows how its done with 11 Michelin-Starred Korean restaurants and 10 Bib Gourmand awards. Hong Kong and Singapore each have one with a Michelin Star. And very honorable mentions go to three Korean restaurants receiving Michelin Bib Gourmands in Japan, three in Europe and one Bib Gourmand in Brazil.

How a Michelin Star is Earned

You may be wondering how a coveted Michelin Star is awarded to restaurants. According to the guide itself, the judges are completely anonymous and always pay for their own food. Also, a Michelin Star is awarded for the food on the plate – nothing else. The style or decor of a restaurant and its degree of formality have no bearing whatsoever on the award.

As for the food, there are five criteria that they take into consideration:

  • the quality of the ingredients
  • the harmony of flavors
  • the mastery of techniques
  • the personality of the chef as expressed through their cuisine
  • consistency both across the entire menu and over time

The complete list of Michelin-Starred Korean restaurants outside of Korea

We hope you have a chance to try as many of these terrific restaurants as possible.

1. United States: 11 Michelin-Starred Korean Restaurants and 10 Bib Gourmand Restaurants

Three Michelin Stars: Exquisite cuisine, worth planning a trip around!

Korean Michelin-Starred Restaurants

starred Korean restaurant


22 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, CA 94105

$$$$ · Asian, Contemporary

Two Michelin Stars: Exceptional, absolutely worth a detour!

starred Korean restaurant


104 E. 30th St., New York, 10016, USA

$$$$ · Korean, Contemporary

starred Korean restaurant


2 Harrison St., New York, 10013, USA

$$$$ · Korean, Contemporary

One Michelin Star: Superb dining, no regrets!


16 W. 22nd St., New York, 10010, USA

$$$$ · Korean, Steakhouse


36 E. 22nd St., New York, 10010, USA

$$$$ · Korean, Korean Contemporary


652 Tenth Ave., New York, 10036, USA

$$$$ · Korean, Contemporary

Bib Gourmand: Remarkable quality, great value cooking

Chick Chick

618 Amsterdam Ave., New York, 10024, USA

$$ · Asian, Chicken Specialities

Dha Rae Oak

1106 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, 90006, USA

$$ · Korean, Duck Specialities


239 Fifth Ave., New York, 11215, USA

$$ · Korean, Korean Contemporary

2. Hong Kong: 1 Michelin-Starred Korean Restaurant

One Michelin Star: Superb dining experience, worth a stop!

3. Singapore: 1 Michelin-Starred Korean Restaurant

One Michelin Star: Excellent quality cooking, worth a stop!

4. Japan: 3 Bib Gourmand Restaurants

Bib Gourmand: Remarkable quality, great value cooking

5. Belgium: 1 Bib Gourmand Restaurant

Bib Gourmand: Excellent quality, great value cooking

6. France: 1 Bib Gourmand Restaurant

Bib Gourmand: Fine quality, great value cooking

7. Sweden: 1 Bib Gourmand Restaurant

Bib Gourmand: Remarkable quality, great value cooking

8. Brazil: 1 Bib Gourmand Restaurant

Bib Gourmand: Fine quality, great value cooking

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