Fabulous Gifts to Make Staying at Home More Enjoyable

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s not too early to start making your gift lists! Given online sales are expected to increase by 25-35% this year, it’s especially crucial to plan and ship early.

As an event consultant, I’m always on the hunt for that extra special something that will delight my clients and their guests. Whether budget or splurge, functional or simply beautiful, there’s nothing like giving someone that perfect unexpected gift to bring them some much needed joy.

Crisp weather is in the air and as COVID-19 continues to keep us indoors, here are my favorite finds to make life more cozy, fun, and convenient at home.

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1. Smeg Water Kettle, $159 – $219

When the weather gets colder, Koreans love to drink all kinds of delicious tea throughout the day. Smeg, known for their stylish & chic designs, does not disappoint with this retro electric water kettle. You can choose from several luscious colors but I love mine in the yummy baby blue!

2. EMU Australia Coal Slippers, $60 

Slippers are a must in Korean homes and these super plush slides made with fluffy sheepskin will keep your feet comfy and warm. Ahhhhh……

3. Ember Smart Mug, $99

A must for anyone who likes to drink their coffee or tea ‘hot to the last drop’. This app controlled mug allows you to set and maintain your preferred drinking temperature. Brilliant!

4. Cozy Sherpa Pom Pom Throw, $49

Cuddle up with this super soft throw and you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a luxuriously fluffy marshmallow. Get a matching one for yourself and your BFF and the two of you can bond on your next Zoom catch up.

5. Joseph Joseph Versatile Chopping Board/Trivet/Serving Platter, $16

Push your nostalgia button and take the boredom out of your kitchen! Have fun preparing and serving food or Korean anju on this multi-functional and odor/stain resistant work surface.

6. Milk Bar Vanilla Cake, $50

When you’re all baked out and a special birthday is around the corner, why not relax and gift a loved one a scrumptious cake from Milk Bar? I’m a huge fan of Christine Tosi, former pastry chef for David Chang’s (love him!) Momofuku Restaurants. Check out their website for their famous compost cookie, Milk Bar Pie and other treats- I love them all!

7. Personalized Acrylic Water or Wine Glasses, $20

Have fun customizing these goblets with your name, initials, monogram or your own photo. Dozens of designs and colors to choose from! Available at Splurge Gifts – my favorite mom and pop boutique in Greenwich, CT.

8. Uniqlo Men’s Ultra Light Down Vest, $39

Korean mothers might be single handedly buying up all the inventory on this must-have gift for sons and sons-in-law! This water repellent down vest is ultra lightweight, warm and comfortable and goes with everything whether he’s at home on Zoom conference calls or outdoors on the move.

9. Portable Wireless Bluetooth ‘Noraebang’ Microphone, $30

Bring the ‘noraebang’ to your home (or car!). Both kids and adults will love channeling their inner KPop star with this easy to use microphone with an echo function that makes your voice sound awesome. Available in an array of colors!

10. Jonathan Adler Game Sets, $29 – $595

Create shared memories and bond with your housemates with these cheerful, couture lacquered game sets. Checker, backgammon, chess, and tic-tac-toe are all available in Jonathan Adler’s signature colors and patterns. When closed, they also double as chic cocktail table accents.

11. Super Soft PJ Lounge Set, $40

For lounging around… or better yet, curling up in front of the T.V. and binge watching K-dramas! This soft and cozy pajama set is available in over 35 different colors and designs.

12. Amore Pacific Time Response Gift Set, $330

I’ve been in love with this K-Beauty moisturizer ever since I snagged one in a KACF Gala gift bag many moons ago. I could tell my skin looked more luminous, but I knew this would be a keeper after friends and family actually noticed the difference as well. With dry weather upon us, your skin will thank you!

13. SMEG Espresso Machine, $489

I absolutely love making my morning latte in this beautifully designed espresso maker. After retiring my Nespresso machine, I was afraid I’d miss the convenience of the coffee capsule. As it turns out, that was an unnecessary concern since this machine brews rich espresso using either ground espresso/coffee OR paper coffee pods! Fabulous!

14. Alana Gold Four Tier Server, $89

Simply elegant and modern! Any holiday treat will look great on this server.

15. Dyson Smart Tower Air Purifier and Humidifier, $799

When only the best will do, Dyson is always a great choice. And since there’s nothing quite as important as clean, humidified air these days, you might consider this top of the line air purifier/humidifier for a loved one who is spending way too much time indoors. Dyson outperforms once again with cutting edge design that uses innovative technology to remove pollutants while maintaining optimal moisture in your home. All that while eliminating the germs and bacteria that normally plague humidifiers.

Esther Lee is an event and design consultant and contributing content creator for Best of Korea. She specializes in unique and extraordinary events that elevate guest experiences with authenticity, warmth, and joy. You can follow Esther on Instagram @estheronstyle

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