David Chang Approved: Fry an Egg in the Microwave

A master of the high low, David Chang fearlessly goes from Michelin starred restauranteur to shameless re-heater of frozen tater tots without missing a beat. David Chang is a Korean American celebrity chef best known for his Momofuku brand and his Netflix series Ugly Delicious, but during this pandemic, it’s been his Instagram account that people have been turning to for cooking inspiration and delightfully clever kitchen hacks.

Chang surprised Jimmy Fallon in a recent interview when he revealed that his favorite way to fry an egg is in the microwave. Now we have a demo which seems to prove that this is indeed a viable option.

Here’s how he does it: he sprays some cooking oil into a small bowl, cracks an egg into the bowl and microwaves it for 90 seconds on 30% power. He then slides the egg onto a breakfast sandwich and takes a wonderful bite.

No heating up the frying pan, watching the egg cook, flipping the egg, watching it some more, then washing the pan. Did I mention it takes 90 seconds?

“Don’t be afraid of the microwave!!”, says Chang. After trying this at home, I can report that not every microwave will perform exactly like his fancy space age model that opens like a drawer. I found that our unit needed to be set at 50% power to cook the yolk to the right consistency. It also helps to loosely cover the bowl with plastic wrap to avoid splatters.

While this method may not produce the prettiest fried egg in the world, this is a game changer especially for weary pandemic home dwellers who are getting mighty sick of cooking and cleaning up three meals a day. Thank you, David Chang!

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