Celebrate Korean American Day with Astronaut Jonny Kim and Congressman Andy Kim

[Updated with video on 1/22/21]

In 2005, the US Congress passed a resolution to commemorate Jan. 13, as the day the first wave of Korean immigrants arrived in Hawaii in 1903 to work on sugarcane plantations. Korean American Day is an opportunity for all of us to recognize the significant impact of Korean Americans in our community!

Watch video below of Philadelphia Councilman David Oh hosting his 8th annual celebration of Korean American Day via a livestream event held on January 13, 2021.

Watch the whole celebration or skip to some of the highlights:

  • 50 MIN MARK: This year’s festivities features Astronaut Dr. Jonny Kim, who was recently named to NASA’s Artemis Team, a program that was established to pave the way for the first human mission to Mars.
  • 1 HR 12 MIN MARK: A wonderful performance by Concertmaster David Kim of The Philadelphia Orchestra.
  • 30 MIN MARK: Remarks from Congressman Andy Kim and Congresswoman Young Kim.

Councilman David Oh, the first Asian American elected to office in Philadelphia has been organizing this event for the past eight years and in 2019, he formed the Korean American Day Planning Committee.

8th Annual Korean American Day in Philadelphia – Virtual Event

Date And Time

Wed, Jan 13, 2021, 3:00 PM EST

Special Guests:

[Registration closed for this event]

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