BTS Concerts 2022: What it Costs, What to Wear, and Why I Keep Going

Who is your bias for in BTS? If you’re scratching your head wondering what bias means, welcome; that was me two years ago. I got sucked into the universe of BTS when the pandemic first hit in 2020. With an active toddler alongside me, I needed something to keep me positive while the world was shutting down. And thankfully, I discovered a song called “Dynamite” by BTS when I needed it the most.

To be honest, I was skeptical of this phenomena called BTS at first. I had read articles about them and watched a few of their music videos previously, but I felt I was too old to be a fan of a boyband and did not want to label myself with the stigma that often comes from following one. I was about to be 27!  To be frank, I was resistant. But I was wrong, very very wrong; over time I became Meilin Lee from “Turning Red”. If Meilin has 4*Town, I have BTS now.

bts concerts 2022
BTS Permission to Dance Concert, Los Angeles, December 1, 2021

BTS Concerts 2022: What It Costs

When BTS first released the news that they would be having their first in-person concert,  Permission to Dance (PTD) in Los Angeles, I was ready – and so was my savings account. I had been waiting for this date. It was on my bucket list to attend their concert in person since the discovery of this group, so I was determined to see them live. Unfortunately, official ticket sales never made it to the general public. They were completely sold out within the first few days of its presale. I was devastated.

The official tickets ranged from $50-$500 from my understanding. However, the resale market was another story. Due to the high demands and popularity of the group, the resale market was extremely inflated. I spent close to $1200 for a ticket on the 2nd floor at SoFi Stadium for the concert. Call me crazy, but it’s true.

In addition, I also spent $300 for parking on-site due to the fact I was attending the concert alone and did not want to risk getting into trouble walking late at night by myself. In all, I spent close to $2k for the concert in Los Angeles last year. However, to this day, I do not regret my decision because BTS delivered what I expected and more. Though SoFi stadium is known for its size, BTS somehow had the power to make the place feel intimate. I also felt like I was home alongside 70,000 fellow fans in the stadium. I felt like I belonged there which was a feeling I do not often experience. 

BTS Concerts 2022 Permission to Dance
BTS Concerts 2022: Permission to Dance, Las Vegas, April 9, 2022

With that feeling of belonging, my love for BTS grew even more over time. When BTS released the news that their next concert from Seoul would be in Las Vegas, I had to go. Again, the official tickets were sold out in presale. Just like last time, I had to use the resale market. Thankfully, the resale tickets were not as inflated as the ones from the LA concert.

For my seat on the 3rd floor, I spent approximately $200, which was a great deal in my book. I spent $50 for parking on-site at Allegiant stadium. Overall, these tickets were much more affordable and worth every dime. In my opinion, my seat at Allegiant stadium was much better than the one at SoFi Stadium. 

BTS Concerts 2022: What to Wear

While attending both concerts, I’ve learned BTS and their fans have no boundaries, at least in fashion. I saw girls and boys decked out (glitter, rhinestones, platform boots, etc.) as well as people wearing everyday clothes. Personally, I am a casual dresser. I wore a BTS related T-Shirt with either jeans or shorts to keep things casual. I may not have been the cutest fan, but it did not matter- because I felt like I already belonged to the fandom. BTS is an inclusive group, and for that, I am grateful.

BTS Concerts 2022: Permission to Dance, April 9, 2022

So, let’s go back to the question I first asked. What is the word, bias? Bias means the favorite member of the group. If someone asks, “Who is your bias?”, it means, “Who is your favorite member of the group?” Personally, I don’t have a bias, as I adore all of them equally for different traits. In all, I love the message BTS is trying to spread. We all can love ourselves more. We all can be more inclusive of each other. If you have not been to their concert already, I highly suggest you check them out. Before you know it, you will have a bias of your own. 

Song Stitt is an education specialist during the day and a single mommy with many hobbies at night. She loves all things Jesus, plants, and BTS.

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  • May 10, 2022 at 12:11 pm

    Same story here, but I’m a mommy to an ARMY pre-teen. It’s been an adventure, and I’m so thankful to BTS for giving us such beautiful memories. Question, why did you like the Allegiant seat better? Our Allegiant concert experience was also so much better than Sofi.

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