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I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet, but for me, now is the time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for my family, an increasingly challenging task.  There was once a time I could dazzle my children with some Thomas the Train pieces or Disney princess accessories, but every year it gets harder to find the perfect gifts that say, “I know you” and “I love you.” 

Further, working from home these last couple of years has changed and simplified our habits, and the things that bring my husband and me the most joy now look quite different from those that once did before.  As I brainstorm our holiday gift list, I thought I’d share some of the most loved items by my family, which include a 16-year-old girl, a 14-year-old boy, and 40 something mom and dad.  We have continued to enjoy each of these items and I am sure they will delight your loved ones too! 

My BEST holiday gifts list:

1. CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng Extract Liquid Portable Sticks 30 Pack, $110

Having seen Kdrama characters consume these ginseng extract sticks on the go, my daughter started to do the same to help her get through this exhausting junior year.  Ginseng extract is known to boost the immune system, energy, and stamina, fight fatigue, promote healthy blood circulation, support memory function, and ease stress!

2. The YETI Rambler 20 ounce Tumbler, $30+

I love this tumbler so much.  It has a vacuum insulated lid with a magnet slider.  I can no longer enjoy my coffee any other way.  It keeps my coffee hot and fresh for several hours. Plus they are dishwasher safe. I own four of them.

3. Breville Bambino Espresso Machine, $346

My son asked for this sleek little espresso machine for his birthday, after researching the best, most compact ones on the market.  It has a steam wand that heats and froths milk for awesome lattes and cappuccinos.

4. SWOMOG Women’s Silk Satin Pajamas, $28

My teen daughter lives in this silk two-piece button-down PJ set.  So much so that I will buy it again for her in a different color for this year’s Christmas Eve pajama gift tradition.  

5. HomePod Mini, $99

The HomePod Mini is the best-sounding mini smart speaker in the market for only $99.  iPhone users will love this well-designed product as this works seamlessly with other Apple hardware.

6. 14k CZ necklace, $145

The dainty 14K chain with CZ diamond circle.  It’s perfect for layering with other chains and is even prettier than I had expected.   My daughter never takes it off.

7. Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener, $50

This is truly a magical product that performs its one task beautifully with zero exertion on your part. It even ejects the cork automatically.

8. Softest Warm Elegant Cozy Faux Fur Home Throw Blanket, $37

No matter how warm it is I always need a blanket.  This throw blanket by Graced Soft Luxuries has the softest feel and perfect weight and always makes me feel happy to be home. 

9. Navy Havana Jacket, $399

This is my husband’s favorite go-to sport coat. SuitSupply sources luxurious fabrics direct from Italian mills and assembles them in China in a modern silhouette, resulting in a product that will look and feel much more expensive than what you’ll pay.

10. Sorel Brex Boots, $180

Super comfortable and chic leather boots from Sorel for those of us who are phasing out heels.  They give a little bit of height and are so fun! 

11. The Art of Tea At Home Matcha Kit, $55 

My husband loves this matcha tea-making kit.    It reminds him of the tea ceremony performed by Kumiko in Karate Kid Part II.

12. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush, $45

Both my daughter and I have a LOT of long hair and this hot airbrush is a lifesaver (and timesaver).   We purchased other similar hot hair brushes, but end up fighting over this one.

13. Bandolier Emma Crossbody Phone Case and Wallet, $95

Is it just me, or are we phasing out handbags too?  I love the Bandolier cross-body leather phone case when I don’t want to carry a bag.  It securely holds credit cards, IDs, and bills or two.

14. Huachi Headbands Women, $10

This adorable soft and stretchy Korean hairband is great for washing your face and make-up.  Perfect stocking stuffer! 

15. I Love Pillow Ergonomic Head Neck Contour Sleeping Pillow, $52

I have chronic neck and shoulder pain and this pillow by LMP Worldwide is the best pillow I have ever had.  (Not to be confused with My Pillow.  Just saying). 

16. 14K Gold Flower Chain Drop Earrings, $183

I just love the way these earrings look and feel.  They are elegant and dainty and have a smooth lever clasp, which makes these two-inch dangle earrings comfortable enough to sleep in. 

17. Mahabis Slippers, $109+

These are a bit pricy for slippers, but I have to say they are wonderful and make great gifts that your loved one will wear every day.  They are incredibly comfortable, warm, snug, and easy to slip on.  I am more comfortable walking in the house with them than without!  Can wash them on delicate mode. 

18. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns, $18

My son and I love backcountry camping and these super bright, lightweight, collapsible lanterns are simply awesome.  They are great not only for camping but also for outages and evenings at the beach.  

19. Personalized Tote Bag, $11

This all-purpose, personalized tote bag makes a terrific and thoughtful gift bag or gifts for your friends!  It comes in many different colors and fonts for names and an optional second line.  

20. BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0, $60

This skylight projector for my daughter’s room exceeded all expectations.  It turned her room into a stunning, mesmerizing planetarium.  

Susan L. Shin is a litigation partner at an international law firm. She resides in New York City with her husband Robert Shin and two children Ella and Owen.

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