Lazy Girl Hack: 3 Simple Steps to Get Korean Glass Skin In 5 Minutes

Many people wonder how Korean actresses look so effortlessly beautiful without looking too made up. Their natural-looking beauty is a perfect look for Spring and we all want their glass skin. Actresses have professional makeup artists who create this look of perfect skin but not to worry, we have found an amazing lazy girl hack for achieving this perfect glass skin look in 5 minutes.

Soo Beauty is one of my favorite YouTubers who has great content about K-Beauty & skincare on her channel and she has an awesome tutorial that you can follow to achieve flawless Korean glass skin.

Here are Soo Beauty’s three simple and easy steps to achieve Korean actresses’ porcelain skin, especially for those who would prefer to shorten their beauty routine and get extra sleep in the morning.

1. Apply A Shimmer Sunscreen

After applying your toner and lotion, her first step to flawless glass skin is putting on a shimmer sunscreen. This will give you an extra glow to your skin from the beginning.

Soo’s recommendation:

2. Apply A Cushion

Soo Beauty says that cushions are the best choice if you only have a few minutes to get ready. It is faster and easier to apply than liquid foundations. You want the cushion to have good coverage and shimmer so that you can have a clean glowy look.

Soo’s recommendation:

3. Apply A Mist

She recommends a shimmer mist since it is a great way to give you an extra boost for a glass skin. The mist will also fix the makeup and hydrate your skin.

Our recommendation

Optional: Soo beauty suggests that you can add one more step to apply a powder around your T-zone area, near your lips, nose, and chin to give you a clean glass skin look.

Our recommendation

Here is Soo Beauty’s Full Tutorial on YouTube For How To Get Glass Skin in 3 Steps

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