10 Awesome Under-$30 Jewelry Pieces from Your Favorite K-Dramas

K-Dramas have taken over Netflix and have captivated the world with their cutting edge fashion, beauty, and style. Now thanks to these incredibly creative Etsy sellers, you can match your jewelry with your favorite K-Drama characters.

From dramas such as Crash Landing on You and Touch Your Heart, these super cute pieces have received tons of great reviews and are well priced to boot, so get one or get them all!

Crash Landing on You Earrings | $24.56
A simple and girly celestial handmade moon-shaped stud earring.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Earrings | $23.81
These lightweight hoop ringed earrings will add a little bit of edge to any outfit!

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Earrings | $17.59
An intricate original jewelry piece- I’ve never seen any pair like this one!

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Earrings | $18.61
Such a simple design guaranteed to draw some eyes!

Penthouse | $29.77
These chunky chain earrings are a perfect statement piece.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Earrings | $17.59
Beautifully simple and dainty. Perfect to pair with any outfit!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Earrings | $25.31
A beautifully delicate and girly look offered in rose gold and silver.

Touch Your Heart Earrings | $24.00
A must-have for anyone who likes a simple dangly look without the weight of a bold statement!

Touch Your Heart Earrings | $18.61
A dramatic and lightweight option to add flair.

Touch Your Heart Earrings | $23.00
For a more sophisticated look try these statement earrings- red carpet worthy!

Julianna Song is a content creator and contributing writer for Best of Korea. She discovered her passion for Korean culture during a recent immersion program in Korea and hopes to return one day to work in the film and television industry.

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