Top 5 Korean Entertainment News of the First Quarter of 2022

I blinked and it’s already Spring of 2022! The first quarter of 2022 has been full of new and exciting content, new K-Pop group debuts, and breaking news in the fast-paced world of Korean Entertainment.  While so much has happened in just a few short months, here are the top 5 most celebrated news items in K-Pop and K-Drama of 2022’s first quarter!

 1. Crash Landing on You’s “BinJin” to Wed on March 31, 2022! 

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“Crash Landing On You” is one of the most loved K-Dramas of all time; for me, it is one of my favorite TV series of all time. Its massive global success has a lot to do with the incredible on-screen and off-screen chemistry between the two leads, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin (dubbed “BinJin” for CLOY fans and shippers).  The on-screen connection between the two leads was so powerful, fans could not help but wonder if the emotions coming through on camera were real. After years of hope and speculation, the couple announced in February 2022 that they are getting married at the end of this month on Instagram.

The joyful news came over a year after the couple publicly revealed that they were indeed in a relationship. On Instagram, Son Ye-jin shared a post of a mini wedding dress and said “I found someone to spend the rest of my life with. Yes…it’s him.” Meanwhile, Hyun Bin announced the news through his agency and stated, “I’m going to take the important decision of marriage and step carefully into the second act of my life.” Son’s agency reported that the couple will have an outdoor wedding in Seoul at the end of March. In a recent interview on the reality show You Quiz on the Block, Son Ye-jin claimed, “my current love is my first love” – of course, referring to Hyun Bin!  Congratulations to BinJin!

2. Blackpink Will Soon Return to Your Area! 

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Since the group’s last album in 2020, the Blackpink members have been focusing on extremely successful individual projects and have done little together as the group Blackpink to the growing concern of devoted Blinks that they might not return. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa have taken over the fashion industry as global ambassadors for Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Celine. Also, Rosé and Lisa have made their solo debuts while Jisoo starred in the Disney+ K-Drama series, “Snowdrop”. But recently Blinks were thrilled and relieved to learn that the group is working on their next comeback!

It seems the timing of making the comeback news was a bit premature (and also accidental): while live-streaming from YG’s headquarters on Instagram, their labelmate, “DUMB DUMB” singer Jeon Somi, accidentally walked into a studio playing, what sounded like, Jennie’s part of an unreleased Blackpink song. (Clips of Somi’s Instagram Live featuring the clip have also been removed by the entertainment company.) Somi addressed the situation and said that she hoped viewers “I hope you didn’t hear anything because I tried my best to close that door”. She added: “I’m very hot right now, ’cause I was very surprised. My heart dropped that second, so I was like, ‘Oh my god’.” Though YG Entertainment has not made an official announcement, Jennie recently confirmed the big news in the reality show, “The Game Caterers.” We’re all excited that they’re remaining active as a group!

3. The TV Adaptation of Pachinko Premieres!

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The epic historical masterpiece by best-selling author Min Jin Lee premiers on Apple TV Plus!  For those of you who have not yet read the novel, “Pachinko” follows four generations of a Korean family who move to Japan where they are considered second-class citizens, and poignantly explores issues of faith, family, and identity. The TV adaptation of “Pachinko” stars Academy Award winner Youn Yuh-Jung of “Minari” as the older Sunja, Kim Min-ha as teenage Sunja, and K-Drama superstar Lee Min-ho, best known for his roles in “Boys over Flowers”, “Heirs”, “Legends of the Blue Sea” and “The King: Eternal Monarch” as Koh Hansu.  Since the show’s debut on Friday, March 25, reviews have been positive, with notes of disappointment where the TV adaptation differed from the book.  I can’t wait to watch it and hope it lives up to the classic novel.

4. BTS Returning to the U.S. in April!

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BTS is set to return to the US with a four-day concert in Las Vegas! The group’s ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ concert will take place at Allegiant Stadium on April 8, 9, 15, and 16. BTS’s label HYBE announced that Las Vegas will turn into a BTS wonderland during the concert days! Over 11 major hotels in Las Vegas will provide ARMY with special treatment, including discounts, BTS-themed rooms adorned in their official color purple, and other perks! There will also be BTS attractions such as pop-ups, merch booths, stores, a BTS-themed cafe, and more! All four performances will even be broadcasted live at the neighboring MGM Grand Garden Arena in a “live play” event. Moreover, the final concert will also be streamed online worldwide, according to Billboard. How exciting! 

According to Ticketmaster, BTS sold out all tickets during a presale before they were even available to the general public. However, this doesn’t mean tickets are unavailable! Resale tickets can be purchased on Ticket Master, Vivid Seats, Stubhub, Seatgeek, from (price). See “The Epic Return of Live K-Pop Concerts” to learn how to score K-Pop concert tickets!

5. “All of Us Are Dead” Broke Netflix Records Leaving Fans Wanting Season 2!

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After producing a worldwide hit with Squid Game, Netflix has delivered its second number 1 series with “All of Us Are Dead“, an exhilarating K-Drama with the perfect blend of a coming of age story and zombie apocalypse with lovable and courageous characters. Without a doubt, the show’s stars have become overnight sensations. ​​This series makes South Korea the first non-US country ever to place multiple non-English language shows on Netflix’s U.S. daily Top 10! 

“All of Us Are Dead” is a 12 episode series that mainly follows a group of students trapped in a high school overrun by zombies, who were created from a hard to contain, highly contagious, mutating virus that originated in a lab. The students find themselves in dire situations as they struggle to survive and save one another, while also dealing with relational and other compelling teen issues.  As someone who hates horror and would not typically watch zombie shows, I was hesitant to watch it at first. But, this is one of my favorite series of all time. It’s packed with thrilling action, relatable characters, and moving moments. The show left me wanting more and like many fans, I am definitely hoping for season 2! 

Ella Shin is an intern at Best of Korea and a student in New York City, who loves composing music and everything Hallyu.

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