K-Beauty How-To: Gradient Lips

What are Gradient Lips?

The gradient lip, also known as “popsicle lip” has been around for years in Korea but has recently gained momentum as a Western trend. The look is subtle and makes one appear more youthful and innocent.

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How to get the look:

Step 1: [optional] Apply concealer to your lips
Step 2: Using two different lipstick or lip tint shades, apply the lighter shade to the lips focusing on the outer rim of the lips
Step 3: Apply the darker shade (lipstick or lip tint) to the inner center of the lips
Step 4: Blend the darker color outwards (using your fingers or a lip brush) until you achieve that soft and faded ombre look
Step 5 [optional]: Make your lips appear more hydrated by applying a clear gloss to finish.

Why you need to know about it

The gradient lips trend is cute and modern and perfect for a more low key, casual look. It’s also super easy and a great way to use those saturated red and pink lipsticks you have rolling around in your makeup drawer. Just swipe some color in the center of your lips and blend!

Both beautiful leading ladies in Itaewon Class sported this gorgeous look:

gradient lip

Rosé from Blackpink posted a video of her makeup artist touching up her lips before a show and though the exact product, a Plankton Matte Cushion Lip No 5 from Baby Bright is difficult to get in the US, find a similar product here!

Recommendations and Resources to Get Perfect Gradient Lips

Here are some other highly rated products that will help get your gradient lip game started:

Gradient lips lip tint
Skinfood’s Tomato Jelly Tint Lip
Gradient lips lips tint
Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Gradient lips matte lipstick
eSpoir Lipstick No Wear Power Matte

Gradient lips have been a lasting staple of K-beauty due to its fresh, natural, and youthful look. Here’s another video that shows you how to achieve 4 different variations on this look!

Check out @sichenmakeupholic on YouTube

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