Dear Bok Unnie: Should I have sympathy for my mama’s boy?

Dear Bok Unnie:

 I recently started dating a guy whose parents are from Korea (he was born in the US). He’s awesome, his parents are lovely, but he seems to do an awful lot for them — managing their bills, taking the to doctor’s appointments, etc. It doesn’t seem like they actually need him to do this stuff – they speak decent English – but my boyfriend says it’s a cultural expectation that he take care of them. Is this really a thing?


Print Your Own Boarding Pass


Dear Print Your Own Boarding Pass,

It is really a thing. Your boyfriend sounds like an amazing Korean man and is probably too good for you. If he wants a sturdy older woman who will take care of him and doesn’t mind turnip-shaped legs, send him over to Bok Unnie. Seriously though, a Korean man’s dedication to his parents is one of our culture’s beautiful gems. Embrace it and support him in this and you will see that he will treasure you in the same way. 

 xoxo Bok Unnie

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