Dear Bok Unnie: Any tips on dating a Korean girl?

Dear Bok Unnie:

How can I be more attractive to a Korean girl?  Also how do I date a Korean girl without being labeled with an unfair creepy fetish?


Innocently Crushing


Dear Innocently Crushing,

At the risk of generalizing, I am going to generalize. Do you have facial hair or body hair? Shave it. Be meticulously groomed and have no scent. Korean women like their men dolphin smooth and any hint of body odor or bad breath will make a Korean girl run for the hills. Bonus points if you know how to sing. You don’t have to know how to dance. 

Prepare to pay for every date. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but no matter what, you need to be the one paying. She will offer to pay or split the check. This is a test, and if you let her, she will dump you faster than Jeremy Lin’s NBA career. I know Jeremy Lin is not Korean, but he’s as close to an NBA star we have. 

To avoid being that guy with the creepy Korean fetish, you need to make sure to avoid the rule of three. Two Korean girlfriends in a row is cutting it close. But three in a row will absolutely make you into that guy. Just mix it up by dating a non-Korean (preferably non-Asian, see Jeremy Lin comment above) after your second in a row and you’ll be fine. 

 xoxo Bok Unnie

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