Beauty Secrets To Steal From 5 Top Korean Actresses!

Ever notice how so many Korean actresses have the most perfect, translucent skin? K-Dramas especially love to zoom in on their faces for extreme close-ups.  You would expect to see every single pore, that is if these ladies had any.  Yes, we know the power of a good makeup artist but poreless? That’s another level and lucky for us, these ladies like to share.  Here are some beauty secrets and tips used by five of the most admired and beautiful actresses in Korea.

Bae Suzy

Top 5 K-Drama Actress Beauty Secrets

Bae Suzy is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Korea, and if you have seen K-dramas, such as “While You Were Sleeping”, “Uncontrollably Fond” and “Start-up”, you would have noticed her absolutely flawless skin and complexion. 

In an interview on “Get it Beauty,” a South Korean beauty broadcast, Suzy mentioned that she swears by the 424 cleansing method. This method involves massaging the face for 4 minutes with an oil-based cleanser, then 2 minutes with a foam cleanser (water-based) and rinsing for 4 minutes with lukewarm water.  That seems excessive to me, but it is hard to argue with her results!  A clean face reduces acne and clogged pores.  Suzy also says her skin tends to be dry and can never get enough hydration, so she mixes BB cream with moisturizer to get that perfect glass skin complexion.

Seo Ye-ji

Seo Ye-Ji’s appearance in her most recent drama, “It’s Ok to Not Be Ok,” was simply perfect.  On “Get it Beauty”, Seo Ye-Ji revealed that her beauty secret is to soak cotton pads in micellar water and leave them on her face, which helps dissolve the makeup and dirt. Removing all traces of dirt and makeup is key to flawless skin! After cleansing, Seo Ye-Ji uses a face essence or a serum for moisturizing but otherwise tends to avoid using too many products.

Son Ye-jin

Son Ye Jin, better known as Yoon Se-ri in “Crash Landing on You”, debuted as an actress when she was 18 and barely looks a day older today.  She is almost 39 years old but looks like she is in her 20s! 

In an interview with the Korea Herald, Son Ye-Jin shared that her skincare routine starts with opening up her pores by applying a hot steam towel on her face for one minute. She then massages her face with an exfoliating cleanser, followed by rinsing with ice lemon water. Apparently, the water lowers the pH of the lemon, removing any harsh effects of the acid, but the lemon helps close up pores that were opened by the hot steam. She swears by this method to deep clean the pores and to keep skin bright.

Song Hye-kyo

Song Hye-kyo (“Descendants of the Sun”) is 38 years old and is definitely one of the most beautiful stars in Korea. She is the face of several big Korean skincare brands, but she is reportedly known to make her own homemade masks. 

For soft skin, she blends the whites of one egg and a spoonful of honey and then applies the mixture to her face.  She leaves it until dry and then rinses.  Another of her mask mixtures includes a combination of honey with water (1:2 ratio), which helps brighten the skin and reduces fine lines. 

Song Hye-kyo also reveals that she washes her face with milk for the softest, smoothest, and brightest skin. Dairy milk contains lactic acid, which is especially popular in anti-aging face cleansers. Studies actually show it helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth!

Park Shin-hye

Park Shin Hye (“Heirs”, “Pinnochio”) is an A-list actress who is adored for her effortlessly gorgeous look. At a “Mamonde” meet-and-greet she shared that when she works on dramas, she does not get much sleep, which results in dry skin. She applies a sheet mask every day to keep her skin well hydrated.

But what I have always noticed about Park Shin-Hye is her super thick, healthy, and shiny hair. In an interview with Vogue Taiwan, Shin-Hye shared that she uses a scalp essence (specifically, Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Essence) before blow-drying her hair, which stimulates blood flow, strengthens hair roots, and promotes hair growth.  Park Shin-hye also says she never sleeps with wet hair.  

Ella Shin is an intern at Best of Korea and a student in New York City, who loves composing music and everything Hallyu.

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