Asian Eyeliner Looks: Do’s & Don’ts

Most of us consider ourselves veterans at eyeliner application, but apparently we’ve been doing it wrong our whole lives! I’ve always had issues with hit or miss bad eyeliner days and wondered how those beauties on K-Dramas always have the most amazingly beautiful and natural eye makeup.

After watching way too many online tutorials, I hit the jackpot with a very enlightening and oh so easy to follow method. I was definitely doing a lot wrong. The good news, however, was that the right way is super easy and my eyeliner game improved immediately.

My Asian eyeliner mistakes:

  • Eyeliner was drawn too thick.
  • Eyeliner was not close enough to the lash line.
  • My eyeliner was not super waterproof.

This resulted in:

  • Eyes looked smaller.
  • Eyes looked too made up.
  • Eyeliner smudged all day.

Getting eyeliner right is not difficult but it is a gamechanger. Korean makeup guru Coco Riley has a terrific technique for lining your eyes to get the perfect wide eyed natural look that looks great on everyone.

Coco’s Asian Eyeliner Techniques

I’m a big fan of Coco Riley’s make up tips! She breaks things down and makes her techniques very simple to follow.

K Beauty make-up guru, Coco Riley

2 Steps to Upgrading Your Eyeliner Game

Step 1: Draw a Guide Line Using Eyeshadow

Draw a “guide line” along the eyelash line with a dark brown eyeshadow. This will give you a practice line that is more correctable than the actual pencil or liquid. This also softens the final look of your eyes. Be sure to extend the line beyond the end of your eye.

Step 2: Place Eyeliner as Close to the Lash Line as Possible

Draw your line with your eyeliner with short strokes close as close to the eyelash line as possible, filling the gaps between the lashes. IMPORTANT: Don’t draw the line too thick!

That’s it! Check out the final look:

If you’ve accidentally drawn the line too thick and you don’t have time to redo, quickly fix the line with some eyeshadow on top of the line:

Bonus: Line the waterline under your eyelashes with a waterproof eyeliner for an even more stunning and natural look.

Recommended Products

Coco Riley uses the Sharp So Simple Eyeliner in her tutorial. You may have a favorite but I love that this pencil is waterproof, never needs sharpening, and is so affordable!

Sharp So Simple Waterproof Eyeliner in Black or Brown gets the job done.

Espoir Real Eye Palette in Mauveme has your back (and front:)

Video Tutorial

Here’s the whole video tutorial with some bonus lessons on how to finish your eye look with some eyeshadow and mascara. But the main event is at the beginning and is just 3 minutes of essential life skills. (Turn on subtitles for English)

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