Welcome Bojagi Lovers! BOBO Wrap is Now Part of the Best of Korea Family

As we approach the holiday season, we are so happy to welcome BOBO Wrap to the Best of Korea family. BOBO Wrap is the first US based company producing Korean bojagi, the exquisitely beautiful and rich Korean tradition of wrapping gifts with reusable fabrics and scarves.

Created back in 2007 with a goal of eliminating the mountains of gift wrap waste that followed birthdays and holidays, BOBOwrap.com will be retiring its e-commerce website in November, and instead keep the spirit of bojagi alive here on Best of Korea.

To all old friends and patrons, thank you for your support of BOBO Wrap throughout the years! Even though you will no longer be able to shop for BOBO Wraps in quite the same way as before, we hope to continue to bring you even greater content in the years to come.

Patricia Lee’s Wrapping Scarf Revolution is available on Amazon, and we will periodically offer special opportunities to purchase or win a great selection of wraps.

Please enjoy Patricia’s vintage video tutorials below and stay tuned for more great bojagi content coming soon!

Try these gift wrapping techniques with BOBO Wraps or scarves you have at home!

The classic Korean bojagi wrapping method.
Wrap two wine bottles or two candles with bojagi.
Wrap a wine bottle with reusable bojagi.

Make a bag with a jumbo sized scarf or cloth.

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One thought on “Welcome Bojagi Lovers! BOBO Wrap is Now Part of the Best of Korea Family

  • November 2, 2020 at 8:16 am

    Love these bobowraps – makes any gift stunning!

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